Purpose driven to Inform, Equip and Encourage

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3NITIE is committed to publishing ground- breaking publications for the discerning Christian,to enrich the life of believers’ with quality journals that covers all areas of life.

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We provide information that equip and encourage believers who are called into enterprise stewardship.

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We provide support for christians who are called into enterprise stewardship through our media platforms, business development programme and training.

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We provide services that enhances lifestyles, single dating, gifts, personal and general household merchandise.

3NITIE is a business built on faith, enterprise and innovation.

We bring stewardship inspired by the Holy Spirit, powered by Christian ethos and talented people, to provide quality information, news and faith building and living resources for believers. With its global headquarter located in London, UK, our business activities consists of print, digital and online media, enterprise development and promotion. Our overall aspiration is to be good stewards of His resources for the propagation of the gospel and the promotion of God’s love, joy and peace in His kingdom here on the earth.


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