May 31, 2015

Our Focus

3NITIE is a business ministry that is built on faith, entrepreneurship and innovationWe bring services inspired by the Holy Spirit, powered  by Christian ethos and talented people, for the  provision of  insightful information, news and faith building and living resources.

With its global headquarter located in London, UK, the company's business activities encompasses media, publishing, enterprise development and promotions.

We are committed to inform, educate, entertain and inspire Christians all over the world.

Media & Information

3NITIE is committed to the production of groundbreaking publications in print, digital, online and mobile for the discerning Christian. Our goal is to enrich the lives of believers' with quality media services that cover all areas of life.

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Crossenterp operates a multi-platform content solution through its Christian News Agency.

Christian and ministries have been significantly underrepresented in traditional media. CNA is dedicated to putting the news on religion and domestic news sites to create greater exposure for their Press Releases.

Our news portal and distribution service is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, allowing organisation and messages to reach the required target audience in the Christian communities across denominations and secular readers.

Christian News Agency is the best service for submission and distribution of press release to millions of consumers and top media contacts including journalists, bloggers, top search, news & media/blog websites and most widely used Social Media Networks.

We are committed to the promotion of the accuracy, truth, openness and the grace of God as written in the Holy Bible.   We are committed to raising the standard of resources that are available to equip believers, by bringing together the best materials from all over the world.

Digital & Printing

The landscape of the modern church has been altered by technology. Our goal is to support the Church use the media and the print platforms, effectively. Digital media and print resources are growing essentials of Church communication.

We accurately use our divine gifts, skills, and practical experience to properly equip the Church to enthusiastically share the Gospel.
We believe the Church remains the hope of the world, and that equipping the Church to represent the most principal mission.

We will work with you to realistically achieve your desired goals to earnestly engage the modern media and the effective tools of the graphic, printing, and internet.                                                                                                                                                                                         If your local church, ministry or faith-based organization is struggling desperately to gain new members and be salt in the community, then it is time to carefully review your marketing communications strategy and tactics.

The services we provide include:









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The Christian Market and Economy are our primary focus. We want to see an increase in the number of Christians Entrepreneurs. The Kingdom Ambassador Enterprise Programme (KAEP) is an off-shoot of our Christian enterprise ministry.

We provide information and encouragement for believers who are called into enterprise stewardship. CHS image ID-100100187We also provide support through our media business platforms, education, and training.

KAEP is built on faith, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

For more information about KAEP  click here 


We are committed to the enhancement of the lifestyle of believers as individuals, family and church fellowship. Through our relationship and retail services, we are redefining Christian dating, retail and shopping experience

Our retail goal is to provide buyers with the confidence to shop from the comfort of their home, workplace and outdoor, for products that will illuminate their faith and transform their lives.

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For singles that their Christian faith is an important part of their life, we make online dating very safe, simple and easy. Our dating publications as well as the online dating sites  provides quality resources for Christian singles looking to find commitment in relationship that leads to marriage.